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Pool & Spa Contamination Coverage including Environmental Impairment Liability

Property Owners Protector Plan RPG

Eligible States: Florida

Our exclusive Risk Purchasing Group provides environmental impairment first and third party coverage for pollution conditions as well as legal defense expenses for residential homeowner and condominium associations. One of the essential needs for this product is to provide contamination protection for spas and pools from bacteria and viruses. Premiums average in the $750 to $1000 range.

  • Classes Considered:
    • Residential Condominium or Homeowner Associations
  • Coverages Offered:
    • Environmental Impairment Liability, First and Third Party Coverage Including Cost of Clean up
  • Limits Available:
    • $250,000 Per Occurrence/Aggregate
    • $500,000 Per Occurrence/Aggregate
    • $1,000,000 Per Occurrence/Aggregate
  • Retention
    • $5,000 Per Occurrence
  • Storage Tanks
    • Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) must be Scheduled.
  • Policy Exclusion
    • Know Circumstance or Condition
    • Fines, Penalities, Punitive and Mutiple Damages
    • Employer's Liability
    • Workers Compensation and Similiar Laws
    • Contractual Liability
    • Property
    • Transportation
    • Divested Property
    • No Armed Security Guards
    • Nuclear or Radioactive Waste and Materials
    • Goods, Products, or Materials
    • Intentional Acts
    • Hostile Acts
    • Mold Matter
    • Asbestos
    • Lead
    • Drywall
    • Offshore Oil and Gas
    • Underground Storage Tank(s), Unless Specifically Scheduled on Policy Declaration
    • Unit and Private Storage Area
    • Any Claim, Loss, or Environmental Damage Occurring Prior to the Retroactive Date
    • Non-Cumulation
  • Extended Reporting Period
    • Automatic Extended Reporting Period of 60 Days.
    • Optional Extended Reporting Period Is Not Available.
  • Eligibility and Authority Levels
    • No Prior Environmental Impairment Liability Claims in the Past 5 Years
    • Refer to Company If Cancelled or Non-Renewed for Prior Approval
  • No Minimium Premium
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*** Disclaimer:  This is a general eligibility summary and other guidelines can and will apply. #CAPEIL

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